Shakura World Spirit promotes the belief that the soul body exists and consciousness pervades it. Consciousness governs the physical world. We are creators aligned with higher source to promote positive change for ourselves and others.
We believe...
* Practicing vibrational alignment though various methods inspires peace, well-being and spiritual enlightenment.
* One light connects all humanity. By connecting with the light of the spirit, human beings gain healing, grace and soul's growth.
* We are guided, guarded and protected by higher powers.
* Living in truth...truth to one self and truth to others
The Soul is Eternal. Embodied and disembodied, always progressing, expanding consciousness.
Here on earth cosmic light feeds our rays of consciousness. We are Creators who can align with Source energy with our desires, will and love for positive results. Our desire moves us. Our Faith Sustains us. Our love benefits all. We believe in Self-Love and loving others. We believe we can direct our Conscious Choice, following our own bliss for the greater good of all.
We believe Holy Spirit speaks through us as we are guided and assisted by disembodied souls aligned with love and light. Love is eternal.
We are dedicated to recognizing and facing the unloved within, our spiritual shortcomings that inspire our soul's progress. We strive for enlightenment and the transformation of unloved, destructive patterns into love, light and positive creation.
7 spiritual challenges inhibit our soul's progress and cause suffering and potential destruction to ourselves and others…misaligning us from source and light.
1) Arrogance/Vanity -- Egoic energy that feels superior to others. That displays a need to supersede others and feels they have a right to use will and force against another for their own ends.
2) Envy/Jealousy -- a poisonous feeling within originating from a belief that one is not good enough or there is not enough. Feeling hateful or harboring destructive thoughts towards another for having the desired things that one feels are lacking in one's own life.
3) Lust/Greed - insatiable craving for more and more to fill an emptiness within.
4) Anger - thwarted attainment of one's desires. Focusing on blaming another for the cause of this misalignment and directing hateful emotion, thoughts or deeds towards others or aspects of self.
5) Guilt/ Shame - Continued regenerating of past feelings of self-blame for unforgiven actions or thoughts.
6) Sloth/Immobility -- inaction and resistance to moving forward for one's earthy pursuits and
7) Fear -- projections into the future of negative results or experience based on illusions or past traumas.
We are dedicated to transforming these energies into light and love. Arrogance into Acceptance. Envy into Inspiration. Lust into Satisfaction. Anger into Gratitude and Self-Love. Guilt into Personal Pride. Sloth into Action. Fear into Love.

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