Reverends from Shakura World Spirit have 135 years combined experience aiding those who are suffering to heal, learn and grow.

Most private consultations are by appointment. Each quarter around the Solstice and Equinox times a spiritual healing fair brings everyone together and available for walk-in private sessions.

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Reverend Blanche Blacke

Rev. Blanche has been providing healings of the physical, emotional and spiritual since 1994. She is considered a modern shaman, connecting with the spirit realm for guidance, communications with crossed-over loved ones and profound spiritual healings for physical, emotional or spiritual concerns with oftentimes miraculous results.

Appointment Info and Scheduling or call (773) 788-6411


Reverend Carla Diamantis

Rev. Carla is an *Oshun Priestess *in the Ancient tradition of Ifa, Carla has practiced, and studied, for approximately 25 years. Cowrie divination is a traditional African form of Oracle interpretation that address issues of a job, love, health, children, negative energy etc.

Appointment Info and Scheduling or call (773) 788-6411


Reverend Henia Flynn

Rev. Henia has been a student of metaphysics since 1987. A graduate from Blanche Blacke's School of Chakra Healing, she is a gifted intuitive healer. She also has the gift of channel and has studied with Sharyl Noday.

Appointment Info and Scheduling or Call (773) 788-6411

 Reverend Lillian Irene Lovas

Rev. Lillian has been a practitioner of Western and Eastern modalities of healing and thinking since 1986. Her healings, readings and classes have provided profound results. Many of her students have gone on to become renowned healers and teachers.

Appointment Info and Scheduling or call (773) 788-6411


 Reverend Earl Maupins

Rev. Earl facilitated his first readings and healings at a very young age. He was taught by his renowned spiritual healer grandmother. More recently his training includes Reiki certification from Deanne M. Lozano and Chakra Healing Training with Blanche Blacke. Earl provides a gentle, yet powerful healing. Readings are divinely guided and positive energy flow enhances your experience.

Appointment Info and Scheduling or call (773) 788-6411.


 Rev. April M

Rev. April M. i s a intuitive reader since 1990. She brings insight and guidance to questions about your career, relationships and any life questions. Her fondest goals are accuracy, clarity and kindness, providing guidance for wise choice. Intiated into Reiki, April provides hands on energy healing sessions that are soothing, aligning and grounding.

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Reverend Joe Polise

Rev. Joe has aided people from all walks of life, divinely guiding troubled souls in their relationships, career and spiritual growth. He elects favorable astrological times that align with thestars to initiate important projects that support favorable outcomes. Joe is an experienced and gifted reader and proficient in astrology charts and analysis.

Appointment Info and Scheduling or call (773) 788-6411.

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